OsKaRs Award Night Ceremony (60 + performers, 400 + guests)

When Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn came together in San Francisco to found DHL in 1969, they could hardly have imagined what a bright future lay ahead for their company.  Today DHL is an integral part of Deutsche Post, the German Post Office, and it remains at the forefront of the international courier business.  In Ireland, the company employs over 1,000 staff, and offers a wide range of express delivery and logistics services.

As a central part of its 50th anniversary celebrations in Ireland, DHL decided to hold an OsKaRs night organised in conjunction with HiJack.  The first stage in the process was to choose and cast the actors for the movies.  One of the best things about the OsKaRs is that people of all ages and abilities can take part and have the opportunity to see themselves on the silver screen.  With the film cast in place – in DHL’s case, primarily drawn from the head offices in Dublin and Cork – then the hard work – and the fun! – begins.  The seven different groups were able to choose from a variety of different film genres: from comedy to drama, from musicals to thrillers.  The films chosen by DHL included Peaky Blinders, Father Ted and Sister Act.  The different groups rehearsed hard prior to the film shoot, supported by two intensive training sessions with HiJack professional acting coaches.

Each of the groups was also responsible for sourcing the location, costumes and props for their film.  Shooting of the actual movie is done by a professional film crew over half a day at the weekend.  The final result was seven short movies, approximately ten minutes in length, ready for the Gala night awards ceremony.

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Dublin was the scene for the magical night of the OsKaR awards ceremony.  HiJack literally rolled out the red carpet for the evening.  Guests were greeted at the entrance with a stunning recreation of the real Oscar ceremony, whilst the venue for screening the movies looked a million dollars!  Each of the seven movies was premiered on the night, with the huge LED screen helping to make it a truly special occasion.  The levels of excitement rose as the audience and judges decided on the winners of the awards for the best movie, best actor / actress, best supporting actor / actress and so on.  “An unforgettable evening”  … “Stunning and spectacular” … “The best night of my life” … this is what people say about the OsKaRs.  So why not be like DHL, and organise your own special movie night?

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