Smart Marketing Executive Conference for Business Leaders (300 attendees)

Thanks to his long standing appearances on the popular television show Dragons’ Den, Gavin Duffy is a well known businessman and entrepreneur.  Dragons’ Den was first broadcast in 2009, and Gavin is the only “Dragon” to have appeared in all seasons of the show.  In 2018, Gavin ran as an independent candidate in the Irish Presidential Elections.

Gavin is a regular speaker at conferences and corporate summits both nationally and internationally, and he also organises his own events to share his extensive business experience and knowhow with eager audiences.

Gavin Duffy’s Smart Marketing Seminar was organised in conjunction with the radio station Newstalk, and was run as a series of events across the country.  The Dublin seminar attracted some 300 attendees, with the impressive delegate list including many high profile business leaders, entrepreneurs, market influencers and marketeers.  Gavin shared his insights into the latest and best trends in marketing and advertising, helping businesses to boost revenues, sales and market share.

For his Smart Marketing Seminar in Dublin’s premier theatre venue, The Gate, Gavin chose to work with the team from HiJack.  “I was attracted by the company’s exceptional track record.  Having attended a number of events in the past organised by HiJack, I knew that I could depend on them to take care of the event management, leaving me free to focus on the content and delivery of my presentation.”

“We have organised events in all the major venues across Dublin, including The Gate Theatre,” said HiJack Kevin Rowe.  “With our long experience and extensive industry contact list, we have everything in place to ensure that seminars like Gavin’s run seamlessly and successfully.”

The seminar showcased HiJack ability to take care of all aspects of event management, including:

  • Venue liaison, management and logistics
  • Registration and customer service
  • Stage design and preparation
  • Audio visual and IT requirements
  • Distribution of hand outs and seminar workbook
  • Catering facilities.

Gavin was delighted with the success of the event.  “The seminar ran seamlessly from start to finish.  HiJack staged a slick and highly professional event, and took care of every last detail.  We also had great feedback from the attendees about how well organised the event was.  On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoyed working with HiJack, and will definitely work with them again in the future.”

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