Irish Wind Energy Association Awards Ceremony (400 guests)

Wind power is a central element of the government’s drive towards cleaner, greener energy.  Climate change is a crucial issue facing Ireland, and wind represents an environmentally friendly and renewable solution to our energy needs.  The Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) was formed as far back as 1993 to represent the views of all players in the Irish wind industry.  The association is leading Ireland’s charge against climate change, working to reduce CO2 emissions and to end Ireland’s reliance on expensive and unclean fossil fuels.

Many members of the general public do not realise just how important wind energy is to Ireland.  In Q3 2019, wind energy provided 29 per cent of our country’s electricity, a figure that is set to rise in the future.  Wind is the chief renewable energy resource in Ireland, and is well placed to become the primary source of electricity in the future.

To celebrate the many fantastic achievements in this still relatively new sector, in 2019 the IWEA decided to organise an annual awards ceremony.  The Irish Wind Industry Awards recognise those individuals, companies, organisations and communities who have led the way and stood out in this increasingly important business sector.

This year’s awards ceremony was hosted by well known TV and radio presenter Ivan Yates.  A glamorous black tie affair, the event took place in the luxurious surroundings of Clontarf Castle, which effortlessly combines historical grandeur with modern sophistication.

The organisers were keen to have an opening ceremony that would not only amaze their guests, but also, in equal measure, would reflect the innovative, dynamic and forward-looking nature and ethos of the IWEA.  Having considered a number of options, the IWEA decided to launch their awards ceremony with the LED Dancers from HiJack.  HiJack were the first company to introduce LED Dancers to the Irish market, and the performers’ state of the art, futuristic light suits and exciting choreography were the perfect way to kick off the evening’s celebrations.

Lorraine Killick, IWEA Membership & Events Manager, was thrilled with the audience reaction to the LED dancers.  “Everyone there was blown away by the performance of the amazing dancers.  It was a fantastic way to start the evening, and set the scene for a great night.  The LED dancers were undoubtedly a real talking point afterwards, and we received lots of really positive feedback from our members and their guests.”

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