Team Building Events

Team Building Events

Team building events are a great way to bring employees together, increase co-operation across different departments, improve staff morale, drive innovation and creative thinking, encourage teamwork, and let your workforce know how much you value them.

HiJack has a fantastic range of imaginative, original and fun team building events for your staff, including:

  • Track & Field Days: from old fashioned relays, tug of war and egg and spoon races, to fully themed “It’s a Knockout” events, these days are a terrific way to entertain your staff and bring them together.
  • Hollywood Days: our team of professionals work with your employees, teaching them the basics of acting, and producing a short film by the end of the day. Excellent for team bonding!
  • Dancing Days: featuring expert choreographers, our dancing days are a great way to have fun and build team spirit.
  • Virtual Reality Escape Rooms: showcasing our commitment to the latest industry developments, we offer the only multiplay Virtual Reality (VR) Escape Room in Ireland. “Cosmos” is a state of the art VR game that will simultaneously entertain, challenge and bring together your staff.
  • Mobile Escape Rooms: experience our amazing mobile escape room, indoors or out. We come to your premises, to deliver a unique team-building experience.

Contact us to arrange the perfect Team Building Event for your organisation.

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