Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

HiJack hold the exclusive licence in Ireland for Escape VR. This brand new virtual reality escape room game based in Dublin city centre.

Pull on your virtual reality headsets and enter a new world. Solve puzzles, shoot robots by lasers, and fly through space in zero gravity! This is Cosmos VR, the world’s first virtual reality multi-player virtual reality escape room experience.

Cosmos VR is a fantastic corporate team building event, offering an exciting, intellectual and out-of-the-ordinary challenge for your staff. The game requires teamwork and communication to overcome the challenges. Teamwork and cooperation are vital for success!

It’s a great way to strengthen office camaraderie and improve team dynamics. Perfect for an after-work event, and great value too.

VR is taking the world by storm, whoever tries it, comes out of it simply AMAZED!! We are providing that amazing experience for a whole team for 60 minutes. You can reserve the entire facility for around 15 people. If you are a group of 15 or more, our location in the city center, allows us to partner with some of the best bars in temple bar and its surrounding areas, just 5 minutes walk from us.

Contact Us to arrange for your virtual reality escape room experience for your staff.

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